iNetWord Version 2 Software for Office Online

To you who are often working on a document written activities, iNetWord ready to be loyal friends. A pile of ready-made design templates are available and can be quickly accessed users. The design varies, ranging from blog content, facsimile, to the website. Even the design to create online photo albums were there. Free pictures to decorate the background and also documents already prepared.

Beta 2 version is quite rushed loading it when we try (less than 10 seconds / depending on connection). Registration process was not long-winded. Simply create a user ID, password, some personal information, and agree to the terms of the proposed iNetWord.

Features and facilities in iNetWord as a word processor is quite adequate. In addition to editing the document, you can also publish it on the web iNetWord, your own website, or on your own blog. Integrated search facility is also through, among others, Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. Document management easier by folder system. While for ease of working with multi document, iNetWord implement tab system.

Limitations that may be slightly reduced user satisfaction is a document format compatibility. iNetWord will save documents in the file server or on your PC just as HTML, DOC (Word 97-2003), and PDF

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