Features of the Thunderbird 3

With the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 3, a lot of new things you need to know. In this article, you will be led to see the latest features of the Thunderbird.

Tabbed Interface

One feature that Mozilla is often applied. This feature was first implemented by Firefox and then many followed. Now this feature can be used in Thunderbird 3, allows you to open the various folders, e-mail, and find something more easily. When you will leave Thunderbird, all the tabs will be saved and will open again when you open Thunderbird again.

New Global Search With Advanced Filtering Tools

Thunderbird 3 has a fairly dramatic change of the Global Search, making it the best search feature. Changes from the Global Search is very fast and easy. After you enter a keyword and press Enter, the results will be displayed in a new tab. You can categorize e-mails are available according to category.

New Mail Account Setup Wizard

This is the first stage will you live when using Thunderbird 3. In Thunderbird 3, all the settings that you do for e-mail address you use to sync with Thunderbird 3.

Redesigned Mail Toolbar

Mail toolbar on top of the screen has been redesigned, to include Global search bar while the button like Reply, Forward, Archive, Junk, and Delete now a part of every e-mail.

Smart Folders

Folders pane on the left side of the screen now offers a Smart Folders which automatically switched on. Smart Folders to get users to incorporate such special mailboxex Inbox from various e-mail account.

Summary View Messages

This feature will eventually become reality. Now when you select multiple e-mails at once, Thunderbird 3 will show a summary of the e-mail.

Message Archiving

With the new IMAP support, Synchronization-bari, too. Thunderbird 3 now supports storing e-mail message.

Improved Gmail Integration

Thunderbird now recognize and integrate special folders from Gmail, such as Sent and Trash.

Activity Manager

Every interaction that occurs between Thunderbird and e-mail servers, always tercata in one place, Activiti Manager.

Improved Address Book

Address book changed for the better. If someone in your address book, will be indicated by a new star icon which when clicked you will be able to edit.

New Add-on Manager

Message Threads

Integration With Windows Search (Windows 7/Vista)

Improvements For Mac

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