AAXA M1 Micro Projector World's Smallest Projector

Who would have thought a small device that can serve to show something big in size?! Maybe before you've heard about the news of a small projection called Pico, yes this time it comes back a small projector product output AAXA which had previously been launched P1 and P2.

But this time with more ambitious, the AAXA innovate with micro projector M1 which reportedly will be the smallest in the world today. The ultra-compact projector features a resolution of 800 × 600px, consisting of 66 lumen LED and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 level. That means you can display the projected image is greater than 100 inches in a dark place and also more than 40 inches in the light.

1GB memory was implanted and also available SD card slot and the tool can also be used for file-format playback RMVB, MP3, AVI and JPG. In addition there is also M1 speaker 1W with 3.5mm audio jack size, connected with a mini USB port and AV input. We have been available for 2 variants of this model of projector M1 Standard M1 in the range of about 369 USD or 3.7 million rupiah. As for the other variants, M1 Plus priced around 399 USD or about 4 million dollars with an additional VGA input resolution 1280 × 960 px.

via : beritatekhnologi


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