WPA encryption Wireless Networking resolved

Researchers have found a method to break through the encryption feature is used to secure the wireless network system. This method is performed without the need to dictionary attack or brute force (try different combinations to try to guess the password used). The full details will be discussed at the annual conference of the 6th PacSec in Tokyo next week.

Based on the information PCWorld, two researchers named Erik TEWS and Martin Beck has found a way to break the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) encryption used in Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). They can solve sophisticated TKIP encryption in about 15 minutes. Note that the encryption solution is only valid for encrypted data placed from a PC to access points, they do not break the encryption keys used to secure data is encrypted before from a PC (eg HTTPS, SFTP, etc.).

TKIP previously been known to have a weakness against dictionary attack, but the method described by TEWS and Beck does not use a dictionary attack, but used data from the access point using WPA and combined with mathematical trick that finally broke the encryption code.

Some elements of the encryption code solution has been incorporated into the application Aircrack-ng (link removed intentionally), which is made Beck's own application to assist parties in the network security penetration testing.

Tew is not a new person in the practice of solving Wi-Fi encryption. In 2007 he managed to solve 104-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). WEP protection used by big U.S. companies to secure the TJX wireless network transmissions from the store cash register them, successfully penetrated by some criminals who use encryption weakness, causing the biggest data leakage in American history.

Because features WEP and WPA encryption is no longer able to maintain the security of wireless data tansmisi, the experts suggest to all parties to use WPA2. But if your PC / laptop you do not support WPA2 encryption, you can also secure your wireless network by choosing the AES encryption TKIP replaces the usually becomes the default encryption method WPA.

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