To compile Eksploit In C

Often we are confused at the time of googling and we have the source code is not executable file. For people may be confused akan akan whether in this source code. Here I discuss how the source code at compile this in linux in order to run. Currently using Linux, if you install in its facility development, the GNU C Compiler (gcc) is usually an integral part of facilities development on Linux.

On Linux, the process of compiling can be done simply, with the command:

                                $ gcc eksploit.c –o eksploit

eksploit.c the file in which compile into executable in this case in the name eksploit (by command-o eksploit), which can then be run with the command:

                                $ ./eksploit

If you started programming in a complex with a lot of C source file, the file is usually assisted with a Makefile that will set the way-how to create & compile the object code of each source code
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Referensi : Onno W. Purbo

By : dody_odonk.


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