How To Change Mac Address Use Technitium

If the mac address of the computer we can not change in?
it's all wrong, the fact is that with the development of more sophisticated time of this, many software that allows you to change the mac-address for example, technitium, mac-changger and many more. Here I will discuss how to use technitium india software made by people Shretas zare. this software has reached version5, have features - features:

1. Disable and enable the network connection.
2. Change Mac.
3. Disable DHCP.
4. Releasse IP.
5. IP renew.
6. Add and Remove = IP Address, Gateway and DNS Server.

Ok, how do I go to change the Mac Address:

1. Open software technitium
2. Change the Mac
3. If you have a Mac, please enter a new address to the "Enter New MAC Address Below." If you want to stay then set random, clicks random or you may choose a mac address that is already available in the software.
4. Click Apply
5. Click YES
6. Wait a moment, if successful it will be out notification "Network connection restarted successfuly" click ok.
7. Ok. your mac address has changed.

Ok I hope this article can be useful for the friend - a friend, apologize if I still know many still lack Newbie. he6X ...

Download Here

By: dody_odonk


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