Keyfinder Software To Change Windows Xp Serial Number

keyfinder program is a unique program that allows you to view and change the serial number windows xp us. Program made Jealy Magical Bean is freeware, open source and very simple. This application is a portable program that we do not need to install but only enough to double click the program will run directly.keyfinder

How to change the windows Xp serial number is as follows:

1. Double-click the program keyfinder.
2. Click the option.
3. Click on change windows key.
4. Enter the serial number of the new windows xp.
5. Click change

I hope the articles in the sleepy while writing this can be very useful for the friend - the friend you'd like to update your windows be genuine but confused as to enter the serial number must be to re. so you can try to use the application that is simple.


Download Here

By: dody_odonk


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xp key finder
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