How to handle high-data flash is hidden because the virus

sometimes annoyed us because we are exposed to the virus flash. and especially the file that have been hidden inside. This little tips from me is using the command prompt:

  1. type cmd in the run from the start menu
  2. cmd and from the earlier we go to our flash drive
  3. we see in the windows explore first, the flash drive where we are
  4. from cmd and then type the name before we flash drive
  5. eg in the flash drive h:, then type in cmd us h:
  6. type the command: attrib-s-h / s / d. hidden file so that the chance
  7. then we press enter
  8. and after the data tersembunyikan already showing us flash back in, type in cmd and press enter and exit, so that flash can be well unplug

tips from me so hopefully useful


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