3gp for linux with RealPlayer10

For those of you who still try it in linux or linux multimedia, sometimes find it difficult applications that suit your needs. especially in the era of the all-round mobile.

Results from the video recording on the phone can not play in linux. because it usually provides a linux codec video files sandart.

for that I give a little information about the play the video in 3gp format to use linux real player 10 for linux.

package real player for my linux distro is the basis for slackware. tgz as: slax, zenwalk, zencafe, vector linux and others.
but can also convert a. deb for debian and. rpm for redhat

OK we start it
please download the file for linux realplayer10 on the site you do not need to search for it just click
quiet only link free service countering Nudity 100% free.
after you click will be taken to and click the "Download from IDWS"

results in a file that is downloaded is a form of random appropriate regulations in the form of and file it is. zip
just enough to change (rename) to "realplayer10.tgz"

after install finished living
# Installpkg realplayer10.tgz

if you use a base like debian ubuntu, Knoppix and others can convert to. deb's how:
# Alien-d realplayer10.tgz
# Dpkg-i realplayer10.deb

the basis for redhat
# Alien-r realplayer10.tgz
# Rpm-ivh realplayer10.



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