HANDPHONE Sony Ericson Walkman W980 with 8 GB

Sony Ericson producers launched handpone newest Sony Ericson W980, handpone has seen the view that innovation and the new. Mobile phone Sony Ericson W980 walkman type that will provide new experiences in your play via Hanphone. The sound quality is reliable, has a variety of facilities to be fancied by many many people. Handphone known as the all-round musical handpone be because the mobile phone features are interesting.
The control panel Handphone walkman player is designed with a more attractive touch Technology. Plastic coated with a layer of premium glass cause the impression of luxury Handphone this clamshell. With the additional effects of mobile phones cause this elegant impression.
W980 using clamshell concept that will bring comfort to the structure and create flexibility keypad in alphanumeric typing. Handphone that has 8 GB memory capacity.

With 262,244 color TFT screen, resolution 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) for the part in and for the outside of the resolution that is different from 176 x 176 pixels. The most interesting of Idi Handphone is kemampuanya auto rotate the display between the W980's face.

With the auto rotate when viewing the clip vidio display screen can be set potrait (lengthwise) or lanscape (broad) according to our will. W980 also has a shake control feature that allows users made it easy to rotate the playlist with the songs only shake while pressing shorcut Handphone Walkman.

Unfortunately W980 cut megabass mode, which can actually increase the ability to be more jarring audio (better have a taste). In addition, behind the beauty of this hanphone there is a lack of the appearance that the glass meterial wrap up the surface design, simple and easy to leave dirty fingerprints used.


Joe Engressia mengatakan...

wah pngen bli hape ni dod, harganya mahal ya

mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock mengatakan...

nice info....

Putra mengatakan...

jadi pengen beli, tapi dimana ya kalo mau beli yang murah?

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