CompactbyteAV (CAV)

CompactbyteAV (CAV) is an antivirus for a variety of viruses in Indonesia and some from outside of the virus that popular in Indonesia. CAV is not intended replace a full antivirus product, but to complement existing anti-virus Antivirus if you have failed to detect the virus locally. You should first scan your computer with antivirus before you have run the CAV.

If a virus is not known, you may be cleared with the emergency cleanup.

Before running CAV
Please follow these instructions properly:

* Close all the applications you run. CAV may close your application if the application is a binary file compressed or written using Visual Basic. Not many applications ordinary executablenya compressed file, but almost all viruses compressed, or written using Visual Basic. Applications that suddenly closed may be able to make the data you are working to become lost.
* If you have an antivirus, try running with Antivirus is the latest update. Some of the virus is not recognized by anti-CAV but recognized another.
* If you want to scan all of the rar file, downloadlah version of the file UNRAR.DLL ( Without the DLL, the CAV can only scan files rar version (up to version 2.0

CAV Why?

* Small
o Sign in USB disk or diskette.
o Easy to download even if your connection slow.
o Do not spend money if you use the connection charge is calculated per volume of data.
o Not a lot of memory when run.
* No need to install.
* One program for many viruses.
* Opensource license with the GPL.



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