SMS SMS Free SMS ... now more easily and especially FREE. This one faslitas send free sms Free Text Message from Callwave that allows us to send a sms service across the country and even across to all people in the world at no charge. Now you can send sms through a computer or laptop is connected to the Internet while on the applications that use one of them can use a Yahoo widget is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X.
widget that is free from callwave text messega that we can send sms to mobile number in the world that are listed, in addition to the facilities that other widgets like voice mail, calendar, weather, stocks and other - lanin can be found in a widget.
For those of you who are often online and want to save you can use the credit facility.

Way is as follows:

  1. Dowload yahoo widget in the file name of the file widgetus.exe file size 11.7 MB.
  2. After that install the computer, and run a widget.
  3. Login using the yahoo id you have.
  4. Computer so that you can send sms through yahoo widget, you need to download the file widget Free Text Message from Callwave latest version of the address then store in the directory file gathering widget - widgets other namely in the My Documents \ My Widgets.
  5. For the first time you do you must register in order to callwave can send sms for free, click on the register callwave.
  6. Enter the phone no, country, and pin emal address.
  7. Then click submit.
  8. Do the verification with the pin code that is sent via sms that is sent to no hp you entered earlier.
  9. Already ... you can sms to my boyfriend, friends, relatives to all that you want to FREE.

Thank you ...
Happy Testing ...


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