LG Portable Air Conditioner Installation was a Cool Breeze

By Mark J. Donovan

With temperatures in the upper 90s earlier this week we finally broke down and purchased a portable air conditioner. Unlike our other window air conditioners this one stands up on the floor and resembles R2D2. The specific model is an LG LP0910WNR 9000BTU Portable Air Conditioner. The unit outputs 9000 BTUs and can cool 300 square feet of living space. It has multiple fan speeds and has a programmable 24 hour on-off timer. My wife actually purchased it and hooked it up in about 30 minutes. The exhaust vent pipe assembly mounted easily in a window. Standard window air conditioners on the other hand can take an hour or more to install and typically need installation brackets. In addition, since this air conditioner is portable we can move it easily to other places within our home with little effort.

We’ve used our new portable air conditioner heavily over the past several days and it has worked like a charm keeping our kitchen cool and comfortable. So if you’re in need for a cool summer breeze within your home you may want to take a look at this air conditioner.

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Steve brown mengatakan...

In this piece of writing, we're going to glimpse at three tips on paying for a portable air conditioner unit that will help you help you save funds and get the most bang for your buck. Very first, we're heading to converse about the worth of selecting the perfect BTU rating. Subsequent, we're likely to going to discuss about determining on a brand. Finally, we're likely to end up with how opting for the best suited design can make or bust your financial savings. Right after looking at this article, you will be in a position to store confidently, learning that you might be having the finest transportable AC for your capital.

mathewbinoy mengatakan...

I agree with Steve Brown. Have you heard of Solar Air Conditioning?

Adam Thomas mengatakan...

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Daniel mengatakan...

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Santo Badenoch mengatakan...

Woah! This portable air conditioner looks cool! This would fit in a kitchen or even a bedroom. I would love to own one like this if had my own home. :-)

riki jorden mengatakan...

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Wiley Rydberg mengatakan...

This small, crafty portable air conditioner is a good example of the very affordable but quality based portables. If you are looking for a portable that will most probably fulfill your expectations for a long period of time and would not hurt your budget much, take note to buy smaller products from quality manufacturers.

Mignon Her mengatakan...

If the two parts of your house are linked to each other in a wide space, this is a great choice to neutralize the temperature during the summer. For example, if there isn’t really anything separating your dining from your living room, you can use one portable AC at a time.

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Daniel Smith mengatakan...

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