NutshellMail for Facebook Fan Pages

Who would not know Facebook? Lately our society as vying to become celebrities in cyberspace with always updating their status on Facebook. It is reasonable as long as these habits do not interfere with your main job only.

How many of you join a group or become fans of the celebrities on Facebook? This time gives an NutshellMail present value of Facebook Fan Pages which delivers innovative web-based service that allows users to send and receive messages on social networks like Facebook to get into the e-mail inbox. Not only it turned out to Facebook, but this feature users can enjoy LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

Currently, the application can facilitate NutshellMail admin of Facebook Fan Pages to automatically send an email newsletter to every member of the fans. NutshellMail allows users to add the email newsletter on the tab on your page, making it easier for you to see if any incoming email from the fan page.

This application is quite simple. NutshellMail collect recent activity of your pages, organize them into an email form and send it to each Subscriber on the page. You can also make comments, express likes and dislikes, share and send feedback to the fan page via email.

NutshellMail themselves are not so new because it started there in year 2007 and is now cooperating with the Facebook and Accel Partners and Founders Fund to develop quality applications for Facebook.

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