FunMail Picture Messaging Application Launched On Android Handset

FunMobility Picture Messaging Application for iPhone, or better known as FunMail it is one of the iPhone application is interesting enough for its users, it has been proved by the number downloaded 100,000 times since the application was released in November 2009 last month. Currently, the developers were doing a similar update on the application but no longer for the iPhone but for Android handsets.

Almost the same as the iPhone application, Android FunMail also makes it easier for users to send text using this application, which was able to change the context of message delivery. Technology owned by FunMail proved to be a modifier that can restore the function of the text with graphics which have their own libraries in the implementation. You can select the image you like, then send it via SMS, Facebook or Twitter. In addition, FunMail reportedly still level with the voice recording application besutan Google, which is capable of changing habits of its users to send voice messages to form an image using transcription technology.

This service can be enjoyed by users for free just FunMail parties plan to revise this service becomes a paid service in cooperation with a particular party, which until now have not mentioned which side they are interested in such cooperation.

Given the amount of download numbers high enough of an iPhone application, chances are FunMail applications for Android menampuk may also be the same success in the sense would be quite popular as well later.

via : beritatekhnologi


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