(GPS) based navigator for your car

If you often travel to new places for work or pleasure, have trouble reading maps, or simply hate to ask for directions, you might consider a global positioning system (GPS) based navigator for your car. Once you put in a destination, the system will plot a route, give spoken turn-by-turn directions, and display the route as you go. Most let you choose your routing preferences, including the shortest distance, the fastest time, or even routes with no toll roads. Some portable units even offer special routing options for walkers or bicyclists to avoid highways and not limit pedestrians due to one-way traffic.


You can also quickly find a variety of points of interest, including gas stations, ATMs, hotels, tourist attractions, and more. Typically, you can search for a specific point of interest, search for ones that are near your current location, or look up ones in a different area. You can even choose a nearby restaurant by the type of food you wish to eat. Once you've located what you want, the system can calculate a route to get you there.

In today's competitive market, GPS prices are coming down and budget-priced units include features previously available only on more expensive models, such as the ability to speak street names, speed warnings, a music player, or a photo viewer. Higher-priced models can include such features as a wireless FM transmitter and Bluetooth-phone compatibility, which allows you to access phone numbers from your cell phone or call a number displayed on your GPS unit.

Bluetooth connectivity can be handy for hands-free phone operation, or even making a reservation at a restaurant while en route based on the GPS points of interest information. Premium services, such as traffic and weather reports, are becoming widely available, although they can require a subscription. An alternative that is becoming more common is free traffic information supported by small, onscreen advertising.

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