Microsoft Pirates Other Software. Fined U.S $ 388

Microsoft is famous for anti-piracy software that pirate software, and must pay U.S. $ 388 million, or 547.9 on the breach of patents anti-piracy software. after going through the legal process, the court judges said that the United States who is familiar with Microsoft 'anti-piracy', but now it is in violation of other software patents.

Microsoft product activation fallow system is known comes from Uniloc, a company that makes a special anti-piracy tool for vidio games and other software. request a registration system is to prevent the user the same software, which is installed on several different computers.

Things that make a start and then make Uniloc patents system activity and the software product against Microsoft through the law, precisely in 2003, 11 years after the patent Uniloc technologies. However, according to Microsoft spokesman, David Bowermaster, feel disappointed with the court decision, and said that Microsoft does not hijack, because technology is a patent invalid.

Meanwhile, other issues, came from Alcatel-Lucent, claiming the patents are used to feature "Date" in Microsoft Outlook. However, unfortunately, the Patent and Trademark Office has established the American claim that Alcatel-Lucent patent is invalid, so that the Alcatel-Lucent will then try to inveigle the Patent and Trademark Office United States to reconsider the validity of a patent own.

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