Translator XP Enterprise is a software translator from the two-way English to English and vice versa.

Translator XP programmed to perform the analysis of the translation word per word with a try near the convention rules the actual language. Translator XP will check the type of relationship between words words together. Therefore, on each database, each word is always ended with a sign (b), (k), (v), (t), (g) or (s) that actually describe the type of word (noun, descriptive words, words work, the word bookmark, pronoun or adjective).

Translator XP Enterprise is able to distinguish 5 main tenses are often used as Present, Present Perfect, Past, Present and Future continuous, for both active and passive sentence pattern for positive, negative and interrogative.

Translator XP also supports alternative meanings, idioms and check the language specification (for example English for computer, English for engineering, etc.)
Translator XP also provides several facilities which are educational, we peruntukkan for you who want to learn the English language in more depth. Facilities such as a dictionary that can be added to the sample sentence, Games and Text to Voice Converter.

Translator XP Enterprise software is one of the best portable language translators, ranging from language translation to English is also the language from English to Indonesia. One of the translator program that is not lost with the other programs such as Rekso Translator, and other TransTool.


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How can I download It????

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sory... you can download in

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Generally, it's in the English language. Click here for more interesting information on English to French IT Translator Blog.

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