Multimedia Machine At the top of ubuntu 810

Macro Ghirlanda multimedia distribution ArtistX launched version 0.6. This edition is built using software Remastersys Live CD creation, including more than 2500 free multimedia software packages for Linux.
For the packed version of the kernel is Linux 2.6.27 provides a desktop version of 2:24 GNOME and KDE 4.2 packages including Compiz Fusion comes with a full 3-dimensional effect, making the user consoled operate the system at the time of this operation.
This edition version of the stable distribution Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) as a basis. Main features of this edition include, among others:
  • The GNU Image manipulation program (GIMP), Inkscape, Nip2, Krita, Cinepaint, Synfig, Rawstudio, and Hugin Skencil for the 2D Graphic suites
  • Blender, Wings3D, K3D, Kpovmodeler and Povray 3.6 for 3D Graphics;
  • Cinelerra, Kino, Openmovieeditor, Kdenlive, Pitivi, Avidemux, Devede are some of the video editing tools;
  • MPlayer, Helix Player, VideoLAN (VLC media player), xine, Kaffeine, Kmplayer, LastFM for playing audio and video files;
  • PD, Rosegarden, Ardour, TerminatorX, Cecillia / Csound, Mixxx and Gnusound for creating and editing audio files.

About ArtistX
ArtistX Linux Live DVD is based Ubuntu distribution of Linux capable computer, or turn your desktop into a multimedia production engine Featured Full (full-featured multimedia production machine). Become nearly all packages audio, video and 2D/3D graphics tools that are available free. ArtistX claimed to be the right choice for multimedia entusias, both professional and amateur. Can be run as LiveDistro (Live DVD) and used without the need to installed, can save the resulting file to a USB-drives or burned to CD and DVD.


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