Tila Tequila Planning a Comeback

The popular and sexy bisexual television personality, Tila Tequila, is planning a big comeback at the end of June. She has been silent about what her comeback will entail, but she is hoping to make up with her former fans. She is launching a new website, has created a new twitter account and is ready to re-enter the limelight, despite losing millions of fans late last year.

Tila was under fire for making rude comments in an online ustream episode. Tila offended people as she took off her clothes and posed naked, stating "people call me an attention whore - but excuse me, I'm a grown woman." She continued to state she is confident in herself, her naked body and her lesbianism. She also stated that she thought the female body was a thing of beauty and that is why she is a lesbian. Tila Tequila ended by stating that anyone in denial of gays and homosexuality is purely in denial.

Many fans, both religious and atheist, stopped following her on her social media sites and many started attacking Tila's fan pages and twitte accounts. Tila is known for her show on MTV show A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila. The show focused on Tila's journey to find love, as she dated both men and women.

The comeback is not necessarily welcomed by former Tila fans. As early as this morning, fans continued to make negative comments about Tila, calling her vulgar names for her actions and lack of consideration. As of now, Tila only has less than 1000 followers on twitter, which is nothing compare to her former following of 2 million people.



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