Sony debuts 3D Vaio laptops

Earlier today Sony debuted the next generation of Sony Vaios F Series Multimedia laptops, and besides the upgrades you might expect, the new computers will now feature 3D displays.

Sony loves its 3D. In fact, it loves it passionately, so much so that you can probably expect that anything containing a visual display that has a Sony logo will also feature a 3D component of some kind. In many ways that is an interesting feature. For a laptop, it is an impressive sight.

Today at CES Sony officially unveiled its newest lineup of products, and to nobody’s surprise, the most used phrase was by far “3D”. Everything will soon have it, but to see a laptop capable of supporting full HD resolution blu-ray playback is one thing. To have it support that level of graphics with 3D as well is something to behold.

The newest series of Vaios should be making their way to the stores in the next few months, and despite a few drawbacks, including the necessity to use active shutter 3D glasses, and a price tag that lands it around $1700, the first time you relax on an airplane to a 3D blu-ray movie while your neighbor covets thy entertainment, you will know what Sony was thinking.

The new laptops will also feature a 2nd generation Intel i7 processor, an HD display with an LED backlit display, an Nvidia GeForce GT 540M with 1GB dedicated VRAM card, and a built in blu-ray player. The system will also convert 2D HD footage, including DVD and blu-rays into 3D in real time. Look for it later this year.

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