Hands on with JVC’s full HD 3D camcorder


JVC showed off its new full HD 3D camcorder at CES and another model that records 2D images and converts them to 3D using software. Pictures and impressions inside.

If you’re an amateur filmmaker, but plain old 2D just ain’t doing the trick anymore, you might want to check out JVC’s new full HD 3D camcorder. We got a chance to check it out at JVC’s booth at CES and it was pretty impressive. To create full 3D images, the camera mimics the human eyes to some degree, using two full HD camera lenses to record slightly differing images of the same object simultaneously.


Though we’ve seen quite a few 3D camcorders at this year’s show, JVC claims this is the first to truly record in HD 3D. We’ve seen fully-3D camcorders from Panasonic, but perhaps the claim has merit. Judging by the results, JVC definitely knows its 3D. The live 3D demonstration (using passive glasses) at the show had more depth than we’ve seen in any other 3D demo at the show so far–more than any 3D TV or camcorder. This is likely due to the settings being maxed out, but it showed that the device is indeed recording professional quality 3D images.

The GS-TD1, as it’s called, also offers a side-by-side shooting format for 3D shooting and a 2D mode as well. It has an automatic axis stabilization system to give depth to the 3D images and JVC’s Biphonic technology, which is a buzz word for a type of surround sound. You can also adjust the depth of the 3D effect. The “world’s first” 3D camcorder hits shelves in March for about $2000.


JVC showed off one more 3D-capable camera, the HD Everio HZ-HM960. It won’t win any naming contests, but the HM960 is capable of recording 2D images and converting them to a form of 3D. You can view the 3D images right on the camera too. It has a glasses-free 3D display built into it. We did not get a chance to demo the 3D on this device, but other 2D-to-3D camcorders from companies like Sony offered very limited 3D (just about an inch or two of depth, it looked like). The GZ-HM960 will be available in February for about $950.


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