Paper Battery

Paper dreamed one day become a battery to operate a number of electronic devices. Now, scientists from Stanford University in California claim to have managed to create it.

A sheet of coated paper and silver ink from carbon materials is very small to be a 'paper battery'. "Taking advantage of the latest paper technology, low production costs, and high-quality energy storage is now realized by using conductive paper as current collectors and electrodes," the scientists said.

'Paper battery' can run an electric or hybrid vehicles. As a result, this paper technology has the potential to be a prima donna in the future. Understandably, the size and the battery-life is still a constraint in the supply of energy for cars and trucks.

"People are now obviously more expensive battery needs, but capable of storing high energy. 'Paper battery' answer," said the assistant to the group of scientists, Yi Cui. Previous research has also found that a very small cable can be used to extend the battery up to 10 times more than lithium-ion battery.

Cui also promote the battery can be used for all types of electronics and applications requiring instant high power. Peidong Yang, a professor of chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley, said the technology will be commercialized in the near future.


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