Intel Larrabee Soon Ready to Compete With the NVidia & ATI

Intel is now rumored to contain the emergence of a new graphics processor named Larrabee, which is scheduled to be sold starting next year.

The chip maker some time ago had made a statement Larrabee will begin marketing in 2010. A spokesman for Intel's now revealed that it was seriously developing Larrabee, but did not determine when the time of its release.

"Next year, the new Larrabee samples will be sent to the developer, so they began to perform the test," Intel spokesman explained it. Larabee marketing means would not be carried out in 2010.

In September, Intel Larrabee has been demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) held in San Francisco. From the results of the IDF, Intel promises will mengelurkan Larrabee next year, but did not mention a specific time.

Larrabee itself will become Intel's first graphics processor. The chip will carry the X86 architecture. As a result, would be working on Larrabee graphics processor capabilities fully. By this means the 'green camp' Nvidia and 'red faction' AMD, will have a new rival competition drew more graphics industry.


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