Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

Match promise to do a new release every six months, Canonical finally released the latest version of Ubuntu called Karmic 9:10 or Koala. The latest version of the software either Server Edition and Desktop Edition is downloadable for free beginning October 29, 2009 in all the Ubuntu mirrors.

"9:10 Ubuntu gives more reasons for users who will use Linux as an operating system option. We provide a platform for users who want an operating syste that is easy to use, great display, and appropriate for the web," said Jane Silber, Canonical Chief Operating Officer , a company that develops Ubuntu.


Compared with previous versions, Karmic Koala including software that comes with many changes. According to Jane, the latest version of Ubuntu features a more user friendly, faster boot times, better audio support, and support broader connectivity.

The main changes are also carried out the presence of the Ubuntu Software Center feature that provides information of all software used. This is a software management tool to help users manage the solutions they need open source more easily.

In addition, Ubuntu's support of Ubuntu 9:10 One as a standard feature. Ubuntu One is the service back up, synchronization, and sharing data online. 9:10 Ubuntu users can access with a capacity of up to 2 GB of data free of charge and can add capacity to pay.

While 9:10 to Ubuntu Server Edition has the full support of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. This is the technology of cloud computing (cloud computing) that allows business people to make their own cloud services.

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