Upload Images Quickly on Facebook

I am irritated, I like people who download photos on facebook for the purpose of sharing unduhnya but the process is slow, so that in because cafe where my speed is only 512kbps, heu. But now in can with the Firefox Add-on that is "Facebook Album Downloader (FacePad)" with this (facepad red) I can download a little or a lot of photos at once, how to take advantage of this Add-on:

  • Invite end link then select add to firefox.
  • I have confirmation, aja press "install now"
  • Wait until pengunduhan and install process is complete, you are, please login to your facebook
  • Entry to the photo page
  • Right click on the album not the image, select Download album with facePAD
  • Ihwew confirmation window appears, confirm that uploaded do.
  • When the show, so wait until the finished 
  • When finished, right-click on the download window of firefox and select open containing folder


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