Asap Utilities Program Additional For Microsoft Excel

Asap utilities program for Microsoft Excel which are often in an add-on that will make it easier for us to do the work in Micorosft Excel. Asap program utilities should try because it is very helpful in our previous work that hard to do with Microsoft Excel will be useful and very helpful for people like me who does not understand does not function - such as the macro function that is very confusing.

Some of the functions that we often use, among others:
  • Delete leading and trailing spaces
Used to remove the existing space at the back and said that in cells with just one click
  • Insert Before / after Current Value
Allows you to add letters, numbers and symbols to all the cells simultaneously.
  • List filenames in folder
Lets us to create a list of contents in the computer folder to Excel files quickly and with full information of the file name and location of the size of the file in the computer

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