Virtual box software that is used for operating system virtualization is not long released the latest version 2.1.4, without adding significant new features, this is the revision or maintenance where there is a mistake that many improvements have been reported. Repairs have been done in this version include:
  • Fixed kernel oopses;
  • Fixed shipped modules' dependency;
  • The USB udev rules were moved forward to prevent overriding system rules;
  • Fixed a communication issue between guests while connected through TAP interfaces;
  • Fixed several warnings in the installer if SELinux was not active;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented VirtualBox to start after a previous sudo start-up of it;
  • Fixed a file corruption that sometimes occurred when writing files to a shared folder in O_APPEND mode in Linux Additions;
  • Fixed the mouse driver that had not been properly set up in X.orgrelease candidates Additions for Linux;
  • Fixed a performance for Windows guests Regression;
  • Fixed NAT crashes under high load;
  • NAT: TFTP packages that have destination addresses other than those from the built-in TFTP server are not intercepted;
  • The case insensitive OS type name lookup was restored;
  • NAT occasional crashes when the guest is doing traceroute were fixed;
  • If dbus or things are not present, USB probing is canceled;
  • The Linux Additions installer was fixed to work under openSUSE 11.1;
  • The dynamic error was disabled in the Linux Additions if the X server was configured for fixed resolutions;
  • The virtual resolutions that are bigger than the guest resolution are now properly handled;
  • Several fixes USB passthrough;
  • USB: CPU Utilization is now reduced if EHCI is active;
  • Additional key release events are now inhibited if the keys are auto-repeated;
  • On ATA drives, a deadlock that occurred when pausing the Virtual Machine while experiencing virtual disk problems was fixed;
  • A possible iSCSI VM crash that occurred while pausing was fixed;
  • The missing GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS_ARB was added.

About Sun xVM VirtualBox
VirtualBox is peket virtualization software for x86 operating system originally developed by a German company innotek. After Sun Microsystems acquired, VirtualBox is now becoming part of the Sun xVM virtualization platform. VirtualBox can be in the installation of the operating system as an Existing host of many operating systems as guest virtual added following application.
As the host (host OS) VirtualBox supports operating systems including: Linux, Mac OS X, OS / 2 Warp, Windows XP or Vista, and Solaris. While the operating system is supported guest operating systems including DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBsd, OS / 2 Warp, Windows and Solaris. Latest version also supports Windows 7 beta.
Based on polls conducted in 2007, VirtualBox is a popular software package of the frequent use of Windows programs to run on desktop Linux use.


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