Confickr.C - Is a Virus Threat Looming This April Fool’s Day?

By Maneesh Madambath • March 26, 2009

Graham Cluley, of the security specialist Sophos, has claimed that Conficker C is programmed “to hunt for new instructions on April 1″. There has been tremendous online buzz about Conficker C, a malicious virus for quite some time now. Will it Wont’t it and if it will what will it do are the many questions doing rounds.

Conficker C is a sophisticated piece of malicious computer software, or malware, that installs itself on a PC hard drive via specially written web pages and then conceals itself on a computer. According to PCMag, “avoiding detection is a major theme with Conficker.C. It’s not the first malware to try to defend itself in-memory against security software and diagnostic tools, but C does a lot of this. For instance, it disables Windows Automatic Updates and the Windows Security Center.”

Conficker.C is not the first of its kind though. There have been earlier versions A and B (and even a B++ if I am not wrong). Conficker first caught attention in 2008 infected over 9 million computers. According to Yahoo, Conficker C, the worm has grown incredibly complicated, powerful, and virulent… though no one is quite sure exactly what it will do when D-Day arrives. And that’s the catch. Everyone knows that the malware is going to be deployed, but what will it do and how will it harm just presents clueless faces.

The ET report suggests that on April 1 all the world’s millions of infected computers may receive simultaneous instructions to attack, or to flood the Internet with spam email. Cluley explains the situation as, “It’s as if someone is assembling an army of computers around the world, but hasn’t yet decided where to point them.”

Alright, so another exciting April 1 in the making. I figure the funny part would be that a lot of unwitting users might get their computers infected and not even know that their system has been infected. It will also put a lot of harmless online pranks under the microscope perhaps.


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